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Thursday, July 25, 2002

The Good Ol' DMV
Well, I finally renewed my driver's permit. Yup, my THIRD one. I think I'm the only 19-year old on the face of this earth who does not have a driver's license. The tragic truth of the tale is, I'm just too lazy (and kinda scared) to take the driver's test. Well, taking the permit test was just sooooo fun. Doncha just love the DMV with the endlessly long lines and all those grouchy people in front of you who don't wanna be there? And every single minute spent with your eyed glued to the stupid blue screen, waiting for your number to be called up by that monotone voice? Haha...the DMV lady thought I was under 15, and she was gonna tell me to scram, until I showed her my ID. Then, she asked me in an astonished tone, "After all this time, you STILL don't have a license?!" How sad...I mean, I'm a pretty good driver, but I just get really freaked out when other road-raged drivers take out their anger on me, ya know? Augghhh. Driving is not for the faint of heart...

Monday, July 8, 2002

My Karaoke Days are OVER!!!
AUGGHHHHH!!! I just heard that there was a violent shooting at the very same karaoke place Adrienne, Angie, Eunee, Justine, and I went on Saturday! *horror* Dude, I KNEW that bad things happen in bad places! I will never, EVER go to a karaoke noraebang again! Especially in Koreatown! And that's a promise. (Don't even think about trying to convince me to go back to that horrid, wild den of drunken revelry.) Man, I don't care what people say. My safety is waaay more important than seeing and being seen in some posh hangout. I will never look at K-Town with the same eyes again...

Monday, July 8, 2002

Out and About in L.A.
When I heard that my San Fran buddy Adrienne was gonna visit SoCal for the weekend, I was ecstatic. It'd be so fun to hang out together and talk about our crazy freshmen days at Amherst. So, some of the Southern California Korean girls (as in Angie, Eunee, and Justine), Adrienne, and I went to Westwood to eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. All I have to say is...dude, Westwood is a total diversion! It's so different from Amherst because there's so much to do and get distracted from one's studies. Speaking of the stark contrast between UCLA and Amherst...we all got to talking about how there's nothing to do in isolated Amherst and that's why it's such a drinking/party school. ('s a studiously nerdy intellectual haven by day and a wildly scandalous place of decadence by night.) And THAT led to all the girls (except me) reminiscing about their drunken days at school. Thus, I spent all of dinner listening to them ramble on about alcohol, parties, and behavior not befitting good little girls. I dunno. That's why I hate hanging out with a lot of the girls from SoCal. On one hand, I feel left out and like some little kid among worldly, sophisticated, and cool young grown-ups who look at me patronizingly as the "blindly innocent, morally-driven non-drinker." But then again, why would I compromise myself just to fit in with these superficial people? Augghhh. After dinner, we all went to a noraebang (karoake place) in Koreatown. Yeah, I know all of you guys are gasping in shock at the thought of jalapeno actually acquiesing to go to a noraebang in K-TOWN of all places. I have to admit, I was scared to death at the thought...dude, I've heard of all the scandalous and freaky things that go on with all those kkangpehs and no-gooders. *sigh* Well, the noraebang we went to seemed somewhat decent, although I did see a bunch of middle-aged men drinking beers and stuff. Anyway, for hours into the night, the girls belted out a grip of ditties that I didn't know. They were mostly modern pop, hip-hop, or alternative songs with extremely SCANDALOUS and inappropriate lyrics. The only time I sang was when they had that "Aladdin" song on and "Bye Bye Bye." (Hey, Clintonites, remember our dance routine and endless rounds of 'N Sync watching just to get the moves right?! Well, Jan did not enjoy the rest of the night. After all, what can a sarcastic skeptic do while everyone else is going wild? While the girls were dancing on top of the chairs and "getting jiggy wid it," I was just slumped at the corner, staring at my watch and wondering when this will all be over. All in all, I did NOT have a good time. I guess it's hard for a prudish hermit like me to go out into the city and "chill" like all the rest of them young 'uns. For a nineteen year old, I sure do feel like a granny!

Saturday, July 6, 2002

Brave Bananarama Hannah and Stone Cold's Ice Cream
OH, MAN! I can't believe Hannah and her family were in the Bradley Terminal in LAX on the morning of the 4th of July...right in front of the El Al shooting! Dude, what a seriously scary experience! To think, she was actually standing right there when gunshot sounds rang and had to run for cover...I have to hand it to you, Hans, you're one tough cookie for surviving that freaky incident.

Well, today I went out (finally!) to eat lunch with Dinna and Connie at Goldilock's in the South Street Plaza. It was so fun talking about college experiences and stuff! :) Afterward, we strolled down to eat (of course) the infamous Cold Stone's Ice Cream. (Or, shall I say, Stone Cold's--as in the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin--lol! Connie must be cringing right now, even though she must cladestinely watch wrestling herself...jk, Cons!) HAHAHA...I guess my eating habits haven't quickened, because long after Connie and Dinna had eaten their waffle coned ice creams (I can't stand that waffley, sickeningly sweet odor that emanates from the store!), I was still licking away at my already melted ice cream/milkshake. Some habits will never go away...

Friday, June 28, 2002

My short-lived stint as the Barber of Seville
Dude, I seriously think I'm losing it...maybe the sun is burning my brain cells or something. :P Anyway, my cool and stylin' brother got it into his head that he needed a summer haircut and I was the one who was gonna do it. Haha...too bad I've never cut hair before. But hey, there's a first time for everything, right? I dunno WHY my bro trusted me with the razor, but he did. So, I shave the bottom part of his head (with a cool, wavy border) and leave the top part alone. Satisfied with my handiwork and thinking I'm the world's greatest hair stylist, I hand my brother the mirror, only to hear a primal, earsplitting scream of horror. Now, my brother is a very laid back, mellow kind of guy, and when he gets this emotional, there must be something wrong. Haha...he starts freaking out, saying something about looking like a '70s punk. So, to assuage him, I promise to try to fix it up and make it more respectable. So, I shave a little more and get rid of the waves and replace it with a circular pattern. he looks like some friar or monk from the 14th century. Uh-oh. Before my brother could see it and strangle me, I rack my brains for new hair ideas on the already diminished plane of hair. I shave some more and more, and I think I've finally got the perfect, hip hairdo. Too bad when I saw his face with the hair, he looked like a total Korean kkangpeh (gangster). My brother, curious to see what his crazy sister had concocted, grabs the mirror and becomes even more alarmed. I guess that was the last straw, because right then and there, he fired me and told me that that was the worst haircut he'd ever seen in his entire life. By then, I was rolling over in uncontrollable laughter because it DID look ridiculously funny on him. LOL, so much for my future as a hair cutter! My dad had to shave everything off later, and now, my poor bro is totally bald. I guess that serves as a lesson to y'all: never, ever trust me to cut your hair!

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Corea still rules!
I'm so proud of the Korean soccer team! Even though they lost to those huge, ferocious Germans, they still have the heart of a champion, exceeding everyone's expectations and becoming the FIRST Asian team ever to reach the semifinals in the World Cup! I'm still kind of sad, though, because Korea played an excellent game and had a chance to win. Oh well...Be the Reds! :P

Anyway, I met up with Alice (Le Passionate Malice) and Hannah (Hobo Swot) today, and we watched "Lilo and Stitch." Well, I can't say I liked the movie because it was retarded in a cutsy-wannabe, cliched way. Man, I'm so disappointed in the quality of kids' movies these days. Back when I was a young 'un (haha, I sound like a granny) they used to have high-class, fun, and original flics. Now, it seems that animators are sacrificing quality and artistry for more of a politically correct, boring, recycled-material kind of stuff. *sigh* Anyhow, I had lotsa fun with Al and Han. It's refreshing to finally get out of the house and get a breath of fresh air, y'know?

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Haha...who would have ever thought that I was the "sporty" type? :P

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Korea! Korea!
KOREA IS #1!!! Wow, the Spain-South Korea soccer game was AMAZING! Clad in our crimson "Be the Reds!" t-shirts, my family and I glued our eyes to the television set and cheered on the Korean team. One moment, I'm screaming like there's no tomorrow and clapping my hands in rhythm to the drumbeats of the chanting Korean fans, and the next moment I have my hands over my eyes (with a little gap to peek through, of course), hoping that Spain doesn't score a goal (which they didn't). Talk about 120+ minutes of edge-of-your-seat suspense! When Korea scored all 5 penalty kicks and Woon Jae Lee blocked Joaquin's kick, the entire neighborhood (which is mostly Korean) roared with victorious triumph at around 2:30 am. I think the sleeping, apathetic, non-Korean neighbors were pretty irate though. Everyone else in Cerritos has gone crazy with joy. Oh, man! What a game! To think, a totally underestimated, overlooked team beats Poland, Portugal, ITALY, and SPAIN in the World Cup! I can't wait until the semifinal game against Germany!!! (Yeah, I'm STILL hyperventilating with excitement.) Oh~! And I totally agree with Connie that many of the European soccer players are very good-looking. *sigh*

Saturday, June 15, 2002

World Cup Excitement
Now that basketball season is over, I've given in to the wild Korean hoopla surrounding the World Cup and finally become a rabid soccer watcher. From interviews with the soccer stars to every single stat about the Korean team to coverage of frighteningly fanatic teenage Korean girls swooning over allegedly "hot" European soccer players, Korea has become seeped into football hysteria. I mean, every single Korean restaurant you go to, you see EVERYONE, from the waitresses to the customers to the janitor, mesmerized by the endless coverage (in Korean, of course) of the games. Not that it's bad, of course. I think enthusiasm brings out a lot of unity and fun among's better than the apathy of more self-absorbed countries like USA. (Yeah, I'm KINDA bitter that they made it to the second round by riding the coattails of South Korea...and I haven't forgotten about that shameful Apolo Ono incident...Well, we'll see how US fares against Mexico--won't that be a thrilling game?!) Since I have nothing better to do, I've even resorted to watching the Games on the Spanish-language shows...they're better sports commentators, and nothing beats the announcer screaming, "Gooooooooooooal!!!" It just gets your blood rushing and your heart pumped up in the excitement, y'know?

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Lakers Rule! and so do some books...
LAKERS WIN THEIR THIRD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Hurrah! Shaq is DA MAN! I knew they'd sweep the Nets. This series has been kind of dull, however, after the excitement and hoopla of the Lakers-Kings matchup. Dude, where was Jason Kidd in Game 4?! Only Kenyon Martin really distinguished himself in that game...and that says a LOT about Lakers defense. This is the beginning of a great dynasty...just replace Samaki Walker and Lindsey Hunter, and the Lakers will be COMPLETELY unstoppable.
As for summer reading, I'm very impressed by "Vanity Fair." Thackeray is a true genius at social commentary, and I have to say that I enjoyed this Napoleon-era book far more than Tolstoy's demanding, brilliant, and sometimes irritating "War and Peace." As for "East of Eden," well, after reading the introduction, I HAD to put it down. Dude, it sounds so foul, obscene, vulgar...all of Steinbeck's stuff from "Grapes of Wrath" to "Of Mice and Men" seemed so tame and innocent compared to this! Yeah, I know I should be expanding my horizons and reading even unpleasant stuff, but I don't think I'm ready for that dirty-minded and overtly violent material. I think I'll stick to Steinbeck's nonfiction. (Have you read "The Log from the Sea of Cortez?! It's fantastic!)

Thursday, June 6, 2002

My Hair-raising Job Interview
Ladies and are now officially reading a blog by an employee! Yup, Jalapeno got a job at last. Haha...before I tell y'all what this job is, I'll relate my grueling job interview experience. OK, so I see an ad in the LA Times for a summer job for students. Interesting, I think, and I immediately apply. The next day, I get called in for an interview. My dad told me to dress young and casual, since it's a student job and not some white-collar stint at Merrill Lynch or something. (Hey, how was I supposed to know how you're supposed to dress for these things?! This was my first job interview ever.) So, I walk into the building, clad in bummy jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt, only to find a room full of dozens and dozens of college-age job applicants dressed in sleek, business attire! I thought I was gonna die in embarassment. Fortunately, no one was mean or brave enough to tell me to scram and apply for a custodial position. Anyway, this stern-looking, young lady (who's the manager) comes out and tells the multitude that she's gonna have 3 (yes, THREE) rounds of interviews...after the first screening, she's gonna tell some to stay and some adios. That got me really nervous. So, I decided to ham it up during my first interview. I applied a cheesy smile on my face and acted like the charming, vivacious, extroverted individual that I am (*rolls eyes*). Speaking with a perky, optimistic voice, I tried to be as kiss-upy as I could without being overtly phony. I even cracked a few jokes (haha...not the normal, everyday lame punchlines, but the upperclass, "witty" stuff). LOL, I guess that charade worked, because I was called back for Round 2. This time, it was in a group setting with the 8 survivors who weren't eliminated. This time, the manager started to give us a looong lecture about the logistics of the job, etc. etc. To my utter mortification indeed, all the final survivors whipped up out of their suitcases notepads and pens and started to write down copious notes! Dude, they were ready. And me? Well, I had NOTHING. Shrinking back, I just hoped that the manager lady wouldn't notice me. Then, she calls out, "Hey, you! How come you don't have a pen?!" I think I turned red all over. *sigh* Anyway, after about 90 minutes of boring explanations, she finally made us fill out mini-essays and told us to be prepared for the final interview and judgment. It was a long wait. AUGHHH! But here comes the WORST part! As I was waiting, I struck up a conversation with this other applicant. Apparently, he's a 25-year old student at UCLA. When I discovered that he spoke Spanish fluently, I decided that this was my chance to practice my espanol. Haha...well...he spoke so fast, I got lost most of the time. We got around to speaking about Korean food in Spanish, and he said, "Me gusta mucho comida coreana," (I really like Korean food) and I nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Then, he slyly added, "y las mujeres coreanas tambien" and looked at me strangely. I frantically racked my brains for what "mujer" meant, and I realized after a few seconds that it meant "women." (He said, "and Korean ladies, too.") Ack! He was trying to flirt with me or something! I turned really, really red, but it was NOT the coquettish blushing. It was in PURE REVULSION. Thoroughly disgusted, I tried to move away, but I couldn't without making a fool out of myself. I really wanted to get OUT of there, regardless of whether I got that stupid job or not! What a creep! He kept staring at me and trying to get my attention, but I haughtily tossed my head and looked the other way. Finally, he slipped me a piece of paper with his name and number and said, "Call me sometime." Yeah, right! Of course, I threw away that vile piece of paper away as soon as I got out of the building. I'm thinking he probably did that stunt so I could lose my composure and not procure the job (so he could get it). Anyway, I was soon called in for my 3rd round of interview, and I resumed my cheerful pose. Well, it all paid off, because I GOT THE JOB! Woohoo! Ack, but the job I applied for is far from glamorous or fun. Guess what it is?! (No, Hannah, it's not a McDonald's job.) I am...a salesperson! haha...yeah, one of those annoying, superficial losers who go door to door selling stuff that you buy just to get rid of them. But here's the kick: I'm selling...first-class kitchen cutlery! As in, scissors and knives! Imagine, a short, geeky girl walking around people's houses with a bag of knives, babbling on and on about the virtues of buying finely crafted cutting utensils! Plus, I get to demonstrate the precision and elegant sleekness of the knives by cutting up things (pennies, leather hide, ropes) in front of the customers! How fun! Dude, this job had better be worth it! I'm just doing this to spice up my resume! Ack...Connie, remember how fun door-to-door sales was portrayed as in "Death of a Salesman"?

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Haha, I'm finally doing one of those stupid surveys
1. What time is it: 7:01 PM
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Janette Christine Lee
3. Nicknames: Spunky, Jalapeno (haha...Connie thought of this one), Hah-net-teh (the farcical Spanish pronounciation of my name), Rainbowrella (another Connie creation), Fulana (hey, remember Mr. Gutierrez's Spanish class, Hannah?), loser, geek, etc.
4. Parent's names: Woo Ben & Eun Sil
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?: um...15, I think (Not that I'm 15--I'm a sage old 19--but the last time I had a birthday cake was ages ago.)
6. Date that you regularly blow them out: January 16
7. Pets: Check (a cute little shi tzu/maltese mix)
8. Height: none of your business!
9. Eye color: brown
10. Hair Color: black (yes, it's BLACK, Hannah, not brown!)
11. Piercing?: yeah right
12. Tattoos?: now, why would I ever permanently imprint images on my body?!
13. How much do you love your job (1 to 10): If this means my job as a student in college, I'd say 5. Hey, what can I say? There's the good and there's the bad.
14. Hometown: Los Angeles
16. Current Residence: Cerritos
17. Ever been in love before?: nope
18. Been to Europe?: nope
19. Been ice blocking?: huh? what's that?
20. Did you ever get busted for stealing?: never!
21. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: nah...
22. Been in a car crash?: yup, and it wasn't very fun
23. Croutons or Bacon Bits?: croutons
24. 2 doors or 4 (on a car)?: I'd like 4
25. Coffee or Ice Cream?: Hmm...since coffee has the adverse effect of increasing my heart rate by, like, 50 times, I'd go with ice cream (especially pistachio...although not necessarily Cold Stone's, Connie!)
26. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: blanket, of course.
27. Dumper or Dumpee?: As in, a garbage dumper? haha...jk. neither.
28. Salad Dressing: Raspberry vinagrette
29. Color of socks: white (but white's not a color!)
30. Lucky Number: don't have one
31. Movie: "Pride and Prejudice" (recently watched fav: "Breakfast at Tiffany's")
32. Quote from that movie: I dunno...I have better things to do than going around, memorizing lines from movies! (haha, yeah right)
33. Favorite Foods: all kinds of food
34. Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday!
35. Song Playing at the moment: J.S. Bach's Cantata No. 140 (it's so byooo-tee-ful!)
36. TV show: hmmm...I like "Trading Spaces" (yeah, yeah, I know it's a middle-aged home-improvement show, but it's goofy), "Little House on the Prarie," and "Yu-Gi-Oh!" ('s one cool cartoon show)
37. Toothpaste: Colgate
38. Have you ever been naked in public?: Haha...probably when I was an infant
39. Favorite Restaurant: There's this hot dog stand in Dana Point Pier that makes killer clam chowder...
40. Least Favorite Thing: I dunno
42. Sport to Watch: basketball (Lakers, baby!) and figure skating
43. Fast Food Restaurant: In & Out
44. When was your last hospital visit?: Last summer, for my hepatitis B shot
45. Favorite drink?: Boba milk tea and Jamba Juice smoothies
46. What color is your bedroom's carpet?: light blue
47. What do you think of Ouija boards?: they're a silly, silly sham
48. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?: A young professional, fresh out of grad school, with a husband and a nice house
49. Who did you get this email from?: Justine
50. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: haha...whaddaya think?
51. Which single store would you choose to max your credit card?: Barnes & Noble
52. What do you do when you are bored?: sleep or veg out in front of the tube
53. What words or phrases do you overuse?: "haha" "like" "loser" "rainbowesque" "geek" "dweeb" "swot"...
54. Friend who lives farthest away: Adwoa from Ghana (Africa) or Nasko from Bulgaria
55. Most annoying thing?: I have a gazillion pet peeves, but I guess the main one is people chewing with their mouths open and making those disgusting crunching sounds
56. Best things: I really like people who are genuine and have a sense of humor
57. a. Bed time during school: uh...2-4 AM
b. Bed time during breaks: 11-12
58. Who will respond to this fastest?: you
59. Who is the person on your planwatch least likely to copy/paste this quiz and answer it for themself?: you
60. What time is it now?: 7:24 PM

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

TV Mania and Fun Fun Fun with my SoCal Buddies
Yes, you've guessed it! After a looooong respite, the jalapeno is baaack! muhahahahaha! Yup, I've been back home in California for over a week now. So far, summer's been fun fun fun...if you call being a couch potato fun, that is. hehe. Yup, instead of frolicking around the city of LA, I've been being a bum in front of the tube and pigging out on junk food. You know what are really cool shows? "Jackie Chan Adventures" (it's so funny!) and, yes, "Little House on the Prarie." Yeah, yeah, I know it's pretty old fashioned, but it's so heartwarming and sincere, y'know? And guess what?! Hulk Hogan is back wrestling! Yeah, the same ancient guy who wore the bright red bandana and flourescent yellow shirt who was around when we were in preschool. I've been faithfully following the Lakers' road to a 3-peat championship, and my brother thinks I've finally flipped and become some kind of rabid fan. Dude, that traitor! He wants the Kings to win! *ugh* Dude, I really do not have any's so sad, how I don't have anything to talk about but television shows. Well, I did kinda go out on Saturday. That's when Jessica, Hannah, Jane Ann, Mike, Janet, and I met to eat lunch at T.G.I. Friday's. Dude, I didn't know that Hannah and Jane had turned into such study bugs! Mad props to you guys for becoming diligent students! I can't believe you two are gonna be roomies next year. Man, I feel soooo sorry for you, Jane are you gonna survive the HOBO HANNAH?! Speaking of UCR peeps, dude, I haven't spoken to Alice in AGES! Passionate Malice, where are youuuuuuuu?! Anyway, while Jessica was celebrating her belated 19th birthday and (ahem!) flirting with the waiter (who just HAPPENED to be her bro's buddy), Hannah, Jess, and I were gagging over the DISGUSTINGLY acidic, foul buffalo chicken strips we'd ordered. Nasty! Afterward, I fell victim to riding with daredevil Hannah while the others rode back to Jess's house in Jessica's and Mike's cars. Good job, Hannah, for trying to find that shortcut so we can beat the others back. LOL...we ended up being last because her little detour turned out to be extra-long. Later, after I'd gotten back home, I was gonna watch the Lakers-Kings game 1 when...Connie called! YAY! We went to this place called Cold Stone's Creamery at the new shopping center at South Street. Dude, they have STRANGE ways of preparing their ice cream! So THIS was the ice cream that everyone was raaaving about! Well, it was pretty good, but it wasn't all that. (Conan, don't hyperventilate with fury at poor lil' Jalapeno's ignorant comment!) It was so fun talking to Connie, even though our conversation was cut short because I had to quickly go back. Augghhh...I just finished Hannah's looooooong sociology questionaire. I think my fingers are hurting from typing so much (hahaha...the carpel tunnel thing, just like Hans...jk!). Anyway, I think that's all, folks (for now)!

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

You have Evangelion eyes!

Take the test here!! Made by Jenna and Robbie.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

April Showers
It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

Man, talk about blah-ness. It's so chilly and foggy and grey outside. Last night's all-nighter proved to be HIGHLY unsuccessful, since I wasted practically all of the time 1) writing that friend test that all of you MUST take (; 2) chatting with my buddies online (especially those of you whom I've barely spoken to in a long while); and 3) chatting with Yoo Na over the phone for over 5 hours. By the time I hung up, I realized that it was 6:00 AM!!! ARG! I need to learn some serious time-management skills before my academic life gets DESTROYED! I think I messed up BIG TIME this semester--this whole year, actually. I dunno, maybe Amherst made a mistake when they admitted a procrastinating, lame-brained loser like me. All I know is, I must straighten up and become the bookworm I know I'm meant to be. In fact, what am I doing here, writing this blog entry instead of writing my essay on Anna Karenina?!

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

My Republican Adventure
Hey! Take this test (yes, another one) and see how well you know me!

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz, by Angel. Anyway, at the command of Connie, I am forced to write this blog entry. ARGGGGGGG I can't think of anything funny...except that I'm funny-looking. (HAHAHA!) Hmm...I haven't written about my Republican adventure 2 weeks ago, huh? I should write about it sometime...maybe even now. Okie dokie then, here it goes...

After much anticipation, the time finally came for the Annual Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans (MACR) Convention held at the Hilton Hotel in Boston. I was sooo excited about it, especially since I was a Convention Committee member and my buddies Yoo Na and Adwoa agreed to come with me (even though they're not Republicans). Since I had to go early to help set up, I had to carpool with 2 sophomores, Ted and Nancy. Dude, what an interesting two-hour ride to Boston! I think I can finally say there are people weirder than I at Amherst College...Ted being one of them. During the whole time, Ted kept blasting out really loud, whiny, hicky country music and dancing and singing to the beat (while driving). After a while, the music got so clownishly funny and oddly attractive that I also felt like yodeling along, "YEEEE-HAW!" But alas, I was too shy and afraid of unleashing my dorkiness, so I kept mum throughout the ride. Anyway, Ted got crazier as time progressed. Because we were driving along seemingly endless miles of country road, he kept speeding up at 95 mph at a 20 mph zone and passing cars, just as cars approaching from the other side of the lane were about to crash into us! Nancy kept screaming and cursing loudly at Ted while I was frozen in my seat, thinking that we were too young to die. Ted just laughed us off and continued in his wild antics. Then...the sound of the police siren. We were getting pulled over! Uh-oh. The sheriff came sauntering to us in a self-satisfied, smug manner. And Ted, being the eloquent young Republican that he is, managed to talk his way out of a ticket! Dude, I was so impressed. Then, while the sheriff went back to his car to write a warning, this huge rooster from a farm house came flapping over, crowing angrily at us human intruders of his territory. And Ted "coo coo roooooo!!!!"-ed back at the rooster, scaring at and making it retreat hastily to its abode. Hahhaa.... The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, unless you count the terrible traffic in the Boston area. It's just a mess over there, especially since they're undertaking that huge road project. Anyway, we arrived at the Hotel pretty late, and we immediately began to set up the decorations, put together the packets, etc. A few hours later, Yoo Na and Adwoa arrived, and, in a very jolly mood, we went down to the ballroom where there was dinner, opening ceremonies, and stuff that y'all would consider muchisimo boring. Anyway, when all that stuff was over and done with, Yoo Na and I went back to our hotel room to find...A GUY! AUGGHHHH!!! Apparently, he was supposed to sleep in our room with us! Well, as a consolation, he was a very very nice, not to mention extremely good-looking, junior from Boston University named Matt. Yoo Na was practically drooling the whole time. Hahaha...Matt and I had an interesting conversation about the logistics of the WWF (professional wrestling), lol. We were talking about the intricacies of all the wrestling moves, and Yoo Na listened with feigned fascination. Anyway, since his cousin works for the WWF, he promised us tickets. He probably thought we were the foolish bobsey twins or something, because after he washed up and went to bed, we made a lot of noise in the bathroom, putting on mud masques and whispering about how hot he was. hehe. Anyway, the next day, I was forced to ditch the convention (noooo!!!) because the people who were to give me a ride back to Amherst were taking an excursion to downtown Boston and didn't plan on returning to the hotel. Man, I was really sad, because I was looking forward to listening to the speakers. Oh well. Well, Yoo Na, Adwoa, and I took the T (which is the Boston subway) to downtown Boston. We wandered around the big city, making stops at Newbury Comics, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, etc. For lunch, we went to this outdoor restaurant called the Salty Dog and ate garlic bread, authentic New England Clam Chowder, and these really yummy things called quahogs. We ordered quahogs because we remembered reading about them in Melville's Moby Dick and how delicious they were. And boy, were they YUMMY!! After the scrum-diddly-umptious lunch, we wandered around the various outdoor vendors, where Yoo Na and Adwoa bought these very flamboyant (and, in my opinon, slightly gaudy) silver handmade bracelets. Then...the HATS. Yoo Na and I spotted these REALLY FOBBY, dorky, made in Korea hats and we thought it would be hilarious if we bought them and wore them around in the true Bobsey Twins style. Unfortunately, they were priced at a rip-off price of $16 each, so Yoo Na decided it was time that she bust out her bargaining skills. Well, her wheedling worked very well, and vendor got exasperated into selling us the hats for $13 each. I bought a cream-colored one, and Yoo Na bought an identical one in a very pretty pastel pink. Adwoa was so embarrased to be hanging around the fob losers that Yoo Na and I had become. hehehe... Afterwards, we explored Filene's (an East-coast department store) and Macy's. Anyway, being the scatterbrained person that I am, I had forgotten to bring along a pair of sneakers with me, so by the time mid-afternoon came, my feet were dying in pain from the pinch of my high-heeled leather boots. So, we headed toward DSW Shoe Warehouse. We all decided to buy a pair of sandals because: Adwoa wanted some refreshing spring shoes; Yoo Na wanted another pair of pretty shoes and felt frivolous; and my feet were aching very badly. Of course, we girls spent forever looking at ALL the shoes and choosing, but in the end, Adwoa chose shoes what were purely for comfort and Yoo Na chose these really sporty, somewhat gaudy yet strangely pretty sandals, whereas I had the dilemma between these really comfortable but ultimately unattractive old-lady shoes and these really stylish, fancy, somewhat less comfortable sandals. Of course, Yoo Na and Adwoa convinced me to buy the latter. Afterward, we bade Adwoa goodbye as she took the T back to the Hotel. Yoo Na and I meanwhile had trouble calling our rides, so we waited in front of H&M for an hour, hoping that we don't end up like bums out on the streets. Fortunately, we finally found out that Nick and John, the guys who were to take us back to Amherst, were in the Prudential Center, so we took the taxi there. After eating dinner there, we headed out to the parking lot. Dude, Nick must have been loaded or something! He had a shiny, brand new Jeep with leather interior, PLUS he used valet parking in one of the ritziest, most expensive sections of Boston. We had some trouble getting out of the parking lot, though, since the parking meter was broken and the lady in charge of the meter wasn't doing anything about it. After about 30 minutes of waiting and honking (the line of cars behind us was getting looooong), Nick finally yelled at the security guard and demanded that something be done. Whoa, Nick seemed to be someone who ALWAYS got his own way OR ELSE. He derided the lady for her incompetence and demanded his money back. Then he talked to the manager through the intercom complaining about the utter lack of organization. Well, nothing came out of it, and, cursing, he just drove off. Dude, I wouldn't want to get on his bad side! Yeah, so anyway, Yoo Na and I slept in the backseat during the long ride home and we finally came back late Saturday night all in one piece. So THAT, my friends, was my Republican story. (Not very Republican, though, eh?)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

eh?! Dude, what a weird test result...I'm not THIS ditzy, am I?

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Sunday, April 14, 2002

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

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Thursday, April 11, 2002


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Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Phone Fun
Oh, man. Those super-duper late night talks with Yoo Na are getting out of hand...since we live so far apart now, we mostly communicate by phone. Haha...I usually dial, thinking I'll just take a teensy little study break lasting for 5 minutes, and we end up jabbering for 4 hours. AUGGHHH! Last night was particularly bad, especially since I had a humongous, extra-important paper to write and Yoo Na had a Bio test to study for. Too bad both of us ended up NOT studying (as usual). Hehe...I've never procrastinated this much before. It's so dangerous! Man, I need to get my act together...and what am I doing right now instead of diving into Alexis de Tocqueville and Anna Karenina?! Writing gibberish in this foolish blog! I hope y'all who are reading this are satisfied! Haha...guess who just called and talked to me for 30 min?! Yup, my phone partner in crime. : Well, my grouchy stomach is demanding for some grub, so I shall go on my long, 10 minute trek to Valentine Dining Hall. Laters!

Monday, April 8, 2002

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Saturday, April 6, 2002

Foolish Ramblings
What am I doing up at this hour on a Friday night when I should be fast asleep? Well...Indrani, Adwoa, and I spent 5 useless hours just goofing off and ordering in food. Y'all should have figured out by now that I've developed an obsession with chicken wings, so I wanted to "experiment" and try it out at a place called Pinocchio's. Dude, the barbeque sauce that the chicken was drowned in was soooo ACIDIC! Just getting a whiff of that chemically questionable stuff made my nose sting! Nasty stuff...I think I'll stick to the chicken joint called Wings Over Amherst. Oh! I tried Schewepps Raspberry Ginger Ale for the first first, it was pretty foul, but then, it kinda started getting yummy. Now I'm totally addicted to it. :) Tastes nothing like ginger ale, though. AUGGHHHH!!! GOTTA STOP TALKING ABOUT FOOD! Hehe. Oh! Guess what? Those "novel" and funny vocabulary words I was talking turns out that they're nothing special. In fact, they're commonly spoken British slang. I found that out from Indrani and Adwoa, who are international students and had learned the British form of English. Oh, well. They still sound funny for an American like me. ^^ *yawn* I'm tired now, so I should get some beauty sleep. (haha, I need all that I can get.) Man, it's Daylight Savings time already! Nooooo! I thought we were sleep-deprived enough! Nighty night, then.

Friday, April 5, 2002

New Vocabulary from the good ol' Oxford English Dictionary

Hey, Connie, remember all those Chung's vocabulary words during AP Bio?! Hannah, remember Mr. Cox's vocabulary and "mendicant"?! Guess what Yoo Na and I spent hours looking up last night? =

dweeb: A person held in contempt, esp. one ridiculed as studious, puny, or unfashionable; a fool. Cf. NERD n. Hence dweeby, a.

square: Slang. One who is square (SQUARE a. 9d); a person considered to hold conventional or old-fashioned views.

cur: 1. A dog: now always depreciative or contemptuous; a worthless, low-bred, or snappish dog. Formerly (and still sometimes dialectally) applied without depreciation, esp. to a watch-dog or shepherd's dog.
2. fig. As a term of contempt: a surly, ill-bred, low, or cowardly fellow.

swot: 1. Work or study at school or college; in early use spec. mathematics. Hence gen. labour, toil.
2. One who studies hard.

geck: =geek, A fool, simpleton; one who is befooled or derided, a dupe.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

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Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Physically and Intellectually Drained
The past few days have been really hectic. Easter Sunday was great! ^^ But, alas, I had sooo much work to do. After 2 consecutive all-nighters, I was soooo tired out, I was gonna collapse. At least I finished my War and Peace essay, though. (Hurrah!! The last few hundred pages of the book were sooo hard to get through, especially Tolstoy's theory about history.) Too bad that I have 3 MORE essays...this is a never-ending, malicious system, I tell you!!! When I played a round of pool with Yoo Na yesterday, I sadly realized how terrible my billiard skills have become. :( (*sigh*...what is the world coming to?!) Oh well--I discovered that I have a phenominal talent for getting the 8-ball in the pockets and losing. heh...better for you guys when I challenge you to pool, right? Man, I'm pooped and totally drained of all kinds of extreme emotion. I dunno if my overworked brain can process all this stuff at once. Add that so some personal issues, and it all becomes a big mess. I'm in one of those inescapable moods when I wonder why I'm here and what I'm doing. Dude, freshman year was a LOT more complicated and difficult than I'd ever imagined. The craziest things just seem to happen to you, and you don't know how to deal with those situations, y'know? However, I do have the comfort of knowing that all of these heffalumps and woozles that seem to tangle up my life are all part of God's master plan. I might just become the better for it...

Monday, April 1, 2002

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Sunday, March 31, 2002

What is your meaning of life?

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Food, food, and more food (Dude, this never stops!!!)
I'm in a MUCH better mood than last time. In fact, I can't believe how grumpy I was! By the orders of Her Highness, Conan the Barbarian (Connie), I must write this blog and spill out all the juicy details of my life. Too bad my life is kinda on the boring side. ^^ Hmmm....where shall I begin? Thursday night, after classes, the minister of my church invited me to eat dinner with his family and some other college students at his home. Reluctantly, I agreed, as it was rude to decline. But I had a TERRIBLE premonition...they were BOUND to make fun of (or lack thereof) my Korean. *sigh* Being the big wimp that I am, I had to have some kind of moral support. But who of my friends had nothing better to do on a Thursday night? Yup, you guessed it...I dragged Yoo Na with me. WEll, it turned out that I needed as much support as possible. The house was filled with grad students from UMass...all Korean people who weren't that fluent in English. was EXCRUCIATING! Every time, they said one sentence, they all turned to me and asked very loudly and callously, "Do you UNDERSTAND what he just said? Does he need to speak SLOOOOWER?" Dude, I HATED their patronizing tones! I was so utterly humiliated, I had to furiously blink back tears of anger and shame. (For their information, I'm not THAT dumb in Korean...dude, they were trying to explain to me what tofu was!!!) Man, so much for church fellowship...see what I mean when I talk about how I can't "click" with the college kids at church? That put me in such a foul mood. But afterwards, something cheered me up really quickly: FOOD. Oh! Before I continue on, I must tell y'all something really funny and wrong. Okay, so Yoo Na is a neuroscience major and therefore needs to build up her resume with some medical experience. She found the perfect "internship": a trip to Africa where she can help out indigenous tribes with their medical needs! Cool, huh? Well, here's the catch: it's primarily a missionary trip, and Yoo Na is an avowed atheist who scorns Christianity. Thus, she kinda fibbed to the church members and posed as a struggling Christian-wannabe. Funny, huh? An atheist teaching others the Bible. Well, as a requirement of this missionary trip, she must do an in-depth Bible reading and study, attend Bible studies and church on a weekly basis, and write a "testimony." Anway, going back to the story. Where was I? Oh! Okay, so after the "fun" dinner, we rested for a few hours, and...guess?! MORE FOOD! Haha...since the next day was going to be Good Friday, my buddy Adwoa and I were gonna fast throughout the day to focus more on worshipping God and being uplifted spiritually instead of satisfying our physical, worldly bodies with food. So...we planned to pig out the night before. Naturally, Yoo Na joined us, since she wanted to fully immerse herself into what we were doing. So, armed with a bunch of food I brought from California, we marched over to Adwoa's room. YUM!!!! The Korean feast was totally fun and satisfying. Indrani joined us later, and we ate to our hearts' content. We had: instant rice with seaweed, spicy corn chips, candy, sweet rice chips, Pepero (chocolate-dipped cracker sticks), fruit punch, hot cocoa, and JJajjaroni (these YUMMY instant noodles with black sauce). Whew! I think we each ate at least 3,000 calories-worth of food. We ate sooo much, right up to 11:59:59 p.m. Haha...we were so full, we couldn't do anything else but have a nice, long girl-talk and look up hot guys over the Amherst College stalker-net. (*Connnnnnnie, I don't wanna write so much!!!!*) Anyway...the next day, Good Friday, was so wonderful. I was totally blessed with God's word throughout the day. In fact, the fasting wasn't even that bad, y'know? At 7:30 p.m., Adwoa, Yoo Na, and I met again to go to the Good Friday worship service that all the various Christian organizations were jointly holding. Afterwards, we went back to Adwoa's room. Apparently, Yoo Na was so hungry throughout the day that she just slept 5 hours in the afternoon., we decided at precisely 12:00 a.m., we would eat food, since that would be the 24-hour mark of our fast. To pass the time (3 hours!!!), we downloaded praise songs and hymns and sang heartily until our throats ached. That was so fun! At 11:30 p.m., we couldn't stand it anymore. We were all SO HUNGRY! I guess that's what being idle does to you., we prepared all the food and stared at the clock for 25 minutes. The minutes seemed to go by soooo slowly on purpose, as if mocking us for our idiotic behavior. Finally, at the strike of midnight, all our lethargy suddenly disappeared, and we greedily ate our second "feast." We made 3 bagfulls of buttered popcorn and sprinkled them with was sooo good. Then we drank a whole gallon of apple juice between the three of us, and then baby corn cereal. AND WE WERE STILL HUNGRY!!! They were so famished, they were willing to go all the way to my dorm room to get more food. So, we went and ate: more Pepero, Japanese rice crackers, Korean rice crackers, peanut butter chips, and sweet rice chips. We had another round of nonsensical but fun girl-talk while we were happily munching away. the time we realized how BAD we were for being such gluttons, all the bags were empty. Too, in order to atone for our badness, we all vowed to work out Saturday morning and become the next Jane Fondas. Haha...only Adwoa and I showed up. AND DUDE, WHAT A WORKOUT!!! It was funny...imagine a room full of sleek, slim, and athletically beautiful people effortlessly lifting 20 lb. weights on each arm and doing a gazillion situps....and a short, dumpy, and embarassingly hyperactive little girl screaming in pain at doing 10 crunches and struggling to lift measly 5 pounder dumbells. Well, guess who felt like the dumbell?! It was totally worth it, though...I emerged as a pumped-up, fitness-crazed gal who was ready to flex her abundant muscles and scream "GRRR!!!" Guess where Adwoa and I went straight after the 2.5 hour workout? Yep...Valentine Dining Hall, where we had a scrumptious brunch. Haha...then, at 5, I went to the minister's house again, where the my Sunday school kids and I had to rehearse for this instrumental performance we were gonna have during services on Easter Sunday. The kids, as usual, teased me mercilessly throughout. Unfortunately, they realized that I get freaked out easily, so they played all kinds of pranks on me in order to see me squeal in shock. I should be mad, but these kids are kind of fun to be around, y'know? I guess they're lovable despite (or maybe because of) their mischief. Haha...anyway, to my disappointment, it was kind of late when I got back. I was kinda bummed because Sun-Hwa, Justine, Yoo Na, and I had planned on a girls' night out and watch the movies, but I came too late. They went without me, and had a blast, it seems. THEY ATE GOURMET DESSERTS (like green tea ice cream and cake and smoothies) WITHOUT ME!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well, I guess I should get over my obsession with food. Haha...btw, while I was typing this humongous entry, I ate 2 oranges and a banana. Haha...OK, Connie, are you satisfied with this blog entry? Probably not, but oh well. Talk to y'alls laters!

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Bah, humbug!
Ok, so I'm back here at Amherst while the rest of y'all are reveling in your Spring Break. 'Tis so unfun! I wanna go back to California! Well, I'm glad that I met up with Connie and Hannah on Saturday before I left. "Ice Age" was so hilarious! Diego (the lion dude) is da bomb! And no, Hannah, that squirrel wasn't that funny. The acorn thing got kinda old after a while, y'know? Plus, I got to see Lakers basketball Sunday afternoon before I left. They are totally gonna win their third straight championship, baby!! ^^ Anyway, on the flight to Detroit (a stopover), I sat next to an economist who worked for a software company. He talked a lot, so I couldn't get that much sleep on the red eye flight (arggg....I was so groggy the next day!). Anyway, he was pretty interesting, with all his anti-Marxist, anti-Keynesian, and pro-monetarist ideas. He kept telling me to voice my conservative opinions on campus and not let the leftists bring me down. Haha... Amherst is so blah. It snowed recently, so I don't think spring is coming any time soon. The weather's so gray and foggy that it's almost depressing. I just want to get out of seems so suffocating! I mean, I guess this is a wonderfully intellectual and politically correct little town with some of the best and brightest students, but sometimes, it just gets to be too much. Why can't people here in general just stop being so arrogant, smug, and competitive and start being normal, even dorky, once in a while? I feel so tired and old and blah. I hope I cheer up soon. Oh well, a month and a half to go, and I'll be home free...

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Couch potato dorkoe
Home is such a wonderful place to be! Wow, it seems like so many things in Cerritos has changed...I kinda feel like a stranger in my own hometown, y'know? Still, it's so wonderful to smell the fresh blossoms and hear the chipper of sparrows. Doncha just love the springtime? Who can possibly be in a bad mood when everything is bursting with life and song? And yet, I stay cooped up in my house all day. Despite my resolve to madly study (like all you guys at the UCs who have finals this week) and catch up on my work, I always end up in front of the tv set. Dude, I can't believe the kind of shows they have on television these days! They're so weird. Did you guys see "Fear Factor" last night?! When they had to eat the pigs' uteruses?! That was soooo nasty! Just watching it made me nauseous. Hey, Hannah, remember how we talked about the gross things on that show during the summer?! I think things got grosser! On the brighter side, they're gonna have the figure skating world championships on Thursday! Man, tv is's so addicting. Whenever your brain tells you to turn off the set, something interesting (like Lakers basketball--speaking of basketball, did you guys watch the NCAA March Madness?! fun, fun, fun!!!--or NewsHour with Jim Lehrer) comes up, and you can't resist. *sigh* Anyway, my parents bought me a sleek, shiny, state-of-the-art electric scooter. Nevertheless, I seriously doubt I can assume the title of "tough gal"--that electric scooter is sooo scary! I felt so dorky, since all these little tots in my neighborhood were defty riding their Razor scooters...whereas I was constantly screamed and lost my balance whenever my scooter accelerated. Speaking of puerility...I ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant today, and the hostess thought I was a 12 year-old! How embarassing...She kept saying in this baby-like voice, "Little girl, are you SURE you can eat the entire bowl of noodles? You're so cute! How old are you?" When I replied that I was a nineteen year-old college student, her eyes seemed to pop out in pure shock. Oh well, at least she gave me extra fortune cookies in order to atone for her mistake. hehe... Anyway, Aristotle and my Economics book are demanding my prompt attention, so I must stop being a lazy bum an start studying. Laters! :

Thursday, March 14, 2002


*Take The Ice Cream Flavour Test!*

YAY! I get to go home tomorrow morning for Spring Break! Hurrah! Hooooome, sweet home! I can't WAIT to go back home and see my family again. Dude, I've been SO looking forward to this break...I need a refresher from Amherst and academics. : Today, Yoo Na and I picked up our Girl Scout cookies from Prof. O'Hara...yummmmm, can't wait to gobble them down. ^^ After lunch, Yoo Na and Indrani made a PITIFUL, futile attempt to drag me to their Bio lab (where they promised would be a bunch of tasty animal dissections), but ultimately, my BRAWN won out. (Haha...actually, I think they were getting sick of my stubborn squeals of protest.) Instead, I went to my Bach class, where we had a lovely little orchestra rehearsal. Of course, one can't let such a wonderfully sunny day go by without enjoying the great outdoors, so David, Indrani, and I went on the elusive and nightmare-inducing bike trail. wasn't that bad...only, I was in terrible shape. Whereas Dave and Indie were nonchalantly cruising down the road, I, the lardbucket, was huffing and puffing in exhaustion. I felt so bad for making them stop so many times! >__< It was so fun, though...I wouldn't mind biking there again, once I've whipped myself into shape. LOL, it turned out that the reason why I was so tired was because my bike pedals were on the highest gears...Dave figured that out when I, sweating profusely as does a pig, was on the verge of fainting. Luckily, he was able to fix it for me. ^^ Afterwards, we all had a jolly dinner at Valentine Dining Hall, and now, here I am at the Frost Library, with a bulging stomach (yup, I'm so full that I'd unbutton the top button of my jeans if I weren't so self-conscious), goofy smile, and a lazy air of complacency, typing away furiously because I have nothing better to do. Well, I'm gonna be back in L.A. by tomorrow afternoon, so call me or something!!! Your lonely East-Coast buddy really misses y'all and wants to see you guys again!

Monday, March 11, 2002

Happiness in Spite of Sadness
I've been in SUCH a good mood these past few days... I always feel like bursting out singing and dancing around like some crazy court jester or know, like Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music." Speaking of which...hahahaha! Yesterday, Indrani and I were sooo hyperactive after dinner that we started to warble "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" and "Doe a Deer" really loudly in front of Valentine Dining Hall. I think our friend Adwoa wanted to die of humiliation, although deep down inside, she probably enjoyed our dorky exhibition. ^^ My friend Yoo Na has been really depressed lately, and for the same reason that I should be sad, too. But it seems like the sadder things get, the happier mood I'm in. Weird, huh? Here's why: Yoo Na and I both got rejected for living in the Asian Culture House next year. No biggie, right? WRONG! We were the only ones who were flat-out rejected, and all these ditzy, flirty Asian snobs who were WAYYY less qualified than we got in or were wait-listed. It was the ultimate humiliation. And the panel members tried to justify it, saying that of all the applicants, we seemed to have the least interest in Asian culture. BALONEY! I could totally understand why they would reject an embarassing, lame, loser nerd like me, but Yoo Na?! She totally deserved it! Sometimes, I think she got rejected because she's so popular, and maybe the panel members (who are known for their pettiness) were jealous or something. It makes me sad to see Yoo Na so devastated (she still hasn't recovered after a whole week), but I don't feel sad for myself at all, y'know? I mean, life seems so fresh and wonderful to me right now, despite some setbacks. Anyway...I'm sooo excited about the annual Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans Convention, to be held April 12-14!!! As a convention committee member, I've been getting really involved in organizing this, and it's gonna be FANTASTIC! Who cares if a bunch of people scorn me for trying to further the conservative cause?! They're the ones missing out! Well, I have to go now and finish up reading "War and Peace" (which is a fascinating, praiseworthy book), so...laters! Oh! My spring break starts this Friday, March 15. and I'll be arriving in California early in the afternoon. When do you guys have vacation?!

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Woods? (I am) *updated!!!*
Wow, I have a gazillion things to write about since the last time I ranted on about the injustices of winter sports. This time, though, it's way more personal. The first major thing is, I finally moved out of the nunnery! I loved my dorm, but I really, really did not get along with my roommate. It was horrible! I think I was constantly on the edge of a nervous breakdown. She was totally inconsiderate and selfish, and I don't think I'm exaggerating. I mean, right before finals time last semester (as some of you already know), she kicked me out of our room for five days! Just because her boyfriend was coming over! Dude, that was the last straw. I mean, that meant that I had to sleep in the common room couches without changing clothes for 120 hours!'s so'd think that we would have gotten along just fine...I mean, her dad's a minister, too! But maybe college made her wild and eager to "experiment" with bad stuff. Oh well, it's over and done with, and I don't have to live with her anymore. My new dorm, Tyler, is REALLY NICE. It's a former fraternity house, and it's so picturesque and small and comfortable! Only 30 people live in that building, and all the rooms are singles. Yay! There are 2 problems, though: 1) It's a 15 minute walk from campus, the dorm that's farthest from school. I mean, it's in a nice residential neighborhood and all, but it's so scary to walk back up the "dorm atop the hill" at night! As you will see later on in this entry, this necessitated buying a bicycle, which in turn caused major problems... Anyway, 2) THE BATHROOMS ARE CO-ED! Auggghhhh! Nasty! I'm perpetually in a state of fear whenever I enter the bathroom. I've already had 2 scary bathroom encounters with 2 guys, and trust me, it was VERY unpleasant and uncomfortable for both parties. But we won't go there... Okay, this is me again (several days later). MAN!!! My computer broke down, so your pitiful Amherst friend is typing away at the Keefe Science Library right now. Anyway, where was I? Oh! The dorm...hahaha...when I first moved in, I enlisted the help of my buddies Yoo Na and Indrani. When they discovered that there was a fire ladder chain right next to my window, of course, they HAD to want to climb down on it and they HAD to put it down. They decided that climbing down was waaay too scary, since I'm on the third floor, so we all went outside so we could climb up. Too bad we scaredy cats couldn't go beyond 2 steps. LOL, at least they were funny photo ops. So, the 3 foolish girls ran merrily up the stairs. Alas, when they attempted to hoist the ladder up, it wouldn't budge! Thus, Yoo Na and Janette had to shamefacedly go downstairs to the second floor to the room of a guy named Jason, since the ladder was directly against his window. Man! How embarassing! Fortunately, he was nice enough to let 2 weird strangers barge into his room and attempt to unscrew his window screen. Just our luck: the screen was stuck, so we couldn't do anything. Then this other guy named Nathan suddenly appeared and offered to help. He went up to my room and, just like that, pulled it up effortlessly! Dude! How buff! Hahaha...I thought I could never face my new dormmates again. What a great first impression, huh? Anyway, here's when my pitiful story gets REALLY interesting. And sad. In a lame way. Since Tyler's sooo far from campus, I HAD to get a bike. So, one Sunday afternoon right after church, I went to the local K-Mart (which is actually pretty far away) to purchase a brand new, state-of-the-art, CHEAP vehicle. After much deliberation, my cheapskate side won over my stylish, "fashionable" side, and I ended up purchasing a bright magenta, embarassingly sparkly, but low-priced bike. Proudly, this imbecilic, short girl rode to the back of the shopping center in search for the famed bike trail that eventually led to Amherst College. Too bad I didn't know that the bike trail was supposed to be PAVED. Because I saw a narrow dirt road and thought it was the one. I mean, it had a very nature-y quality to it. HAHAHA. The road was smooth for about 50 yards, and then it started getting muddy. For the previous day had been unusually hot one in the midst of the chilly winter, and a lot of the snow had melted, leaving behind muddy pits. Well, how was this California girl supposed to know that?! Arggg...anyway, I trudged on, despite my suspicions that this road was gonna be a tough one to cross. Plus, it was rapidly getting dark, and soon, I could barely see ahead of me. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED 30 MINUTES LATER?! The stupid dirt road stopped in a DEAD END right in front of an icy pond! Auggghhhhh!!!!! So, I circled around the pond, trying to look for the road to continue. By this time, the sky was pitch black, with only a few stars here and there. I couldn't retrace my path, and the next thing you know, I was in the middle of the dark, lonely, CREEPY woods! Dude, it was SOOOO freaky! The mud was too damp, so I had to walk my bike the entire time. And every time I made a step, there was the evil crackling sound of dead branches and twigs. Man, I had NEVER been so scared in my life! The whole time, I was crying uncontrollably and praying to God to guide me out of here safely. Wild thoughts wandered into my head as I wandered desperately though the forest. Were there any creepy criminals lurking about? Deadly animals? Would I freeze to death in this icy cold weather? I wanted to go home. After what seemed like forever, I finally reached the edge of the woods. The problem was, it was entirely surrounded by tall, thick, and sharp THORN BUSHES! Dude, I don't mean rose bush kind of thorns! I mean the kind of thorns that the evil queen put up surrounding the castle in "Sleeping Beauty." You, know, the ones that Prince Phillip had to slash away at with his magic sword. Only, this pathetic gal did not have a sword. But seeing that this was the only way out of this dreadful forest, I didn't care if I injured myself. I just covered my face with my arm and ran through the thorns. Now, this took some time, since the prickly thorns got tangled with my hair, embedded on my hands, etc. I emerged triumphantly, bleeding everywhere with zillions of pricks and punctures all over my skin. Only to face...a huge expanse of a dirt field. At least a mile away, I dimly saw some lights. I decided to walk toward it...civilization at last! Too bad those fields posed the biggest challenge to me yet. Because they weren't exactly dirt fields. IT WAS A HUGE, MUDDY, ICY SWAMP at least 10 inches deep in sloshy mud. As I walked across, the mud kept sucking at my feet, and I had to pull with all my might at each step to get my feet out of the pit. Dude, it was totally like quicksand. Plus, I had to pull my bike (which was getting REALLY heavy) out, too, and that wasn't very fun. I fell into the pits at least 5 times, and by that time, I was encrusted in disgusting, smelly liquid mud that was quickly solidifying into icy mud. This was the hardest challenge yet, and I think I spent the most time trying to get away from this scary swamp. At least I had hope: the lights were getting brighter and brighter. My fingers were freezing, and I thought my toes (which were surrouded by ice mud) were gonna get frostbitten. Finally, I reached the very last obstacle: a very wide, shallow stream. Only, this was the stream where all the sewage and dirty water was drained. Distgusting! But I HAD to cross it, and cross it I did. Man, why me?! After 3 and a half agonizing hours of being lost in the wilderness, I finally emerged to civilization...BACK AT K-MART! AUGGGHHH!!! This whole time in the woods, I'd been going around in circles! Filthy, freezing, and hysterical, I limped to the nearest pay phone and called Yoo Na. She helped me find a taxi, and forty minutes later, I was back on campus, at Yoo Na's dorm in Appleton. At times like those, I was SO glad to have a friend like Yoo Na. She said I looked like a really pitiful Swamp Monster with a Swamp Vehicle (my lovely bike). Haha...I probably did. After I washed up and got into some clean clothes, we ordered chicken wings and had a feast. That totally made me feel better. Nevertheless, I will NEVER forget this harrowing experience. I think it was my punishment for buying a luxury thing on a Sunday, the Lord's Day. Whew! I'm sooo thankful to God that He led me out of there!

Friday, February 22, 2002

Stupid Olympics!
Oh noooo! I feel so sad for Michelle Kwan! She stuck around after her heartbreaking loss at Nagano just so she can win the gold medal...and as luck would have it, she fell! :( I also feel bad for Irina Slutskaya, too. I know I was badmouthing her, but I only did so because I thought she'd surely win the gold medal after Michelle fell. They both trained so long and hard for their shot at the gold, and this is practically their last chance, since they're past their physical prime. Augghhh...well, as my friends have been repeatedly telling me, I shouldn't get so overly emotional about figure skating. Sarah Hughes did deserve to win, I guess, since she didn't make any glaring errors. But still...BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT MADE ME REALLY MAD?!?!? The short track speed skating, when those stupid judges took away the Korean guy's gold medal because they thought he was "blocking" the American guy, who placed second. That's just messed up. Who are they to make those subjective decisions? And you KNOW that no one's gonna seriously listen to the South Koreans' complaints, because they don't have the political power as the (ahem!) Canadians do. (Am I the only one who thinks the Canadian pairs skaters shouldn't have gotten the gold medal?!) Dude, I can't believe the Olympics are so politicized! These Games have been so disappointing! *sigh* Man, I really should calm down...I WAS gonna write about my tumultuous life here at Amherst, but I guess I'll save that for another day when I'm calm and rational. (Will that day ever come?! I doubt it...)

Saturday, February 2, 2002

Winter Blahs
Dude...winter is getting so icky and depressing! Sure, snow is soft and lovely, but this whole ice and sleet thing is GROSS and MISERABLE!!! ice is evil...I fell really hard on my butt at least 7 times. Ouch! How embarassing! I am sooo sick...I think I caught this really nasty cold from Adrienne and Yoo Na. Hahaha...all three of us infirms were moaning and groaning for hours tonight at Adrienne's room. I seriously think we were going insane. Funny, though! We were all lying down on the floor with ski jackets covered over our bodies, snot clogged up our noses, and blank, stupefied expressions on our faces. What a Kodak moment. We were too lazy, cold, and sick to journey out all the way to Valentine Dining Hall, so we ate canned chicken noodle soup and ordered honey barbeque chicken wings. Yummm...then things started getting a little crazy. We started singing Mozart REALLY off key (hahaha...I initiated it with a warbling rendition of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"), and then we moved on to cartoon songs. It's amazing, how many cartoons we used to watch when we were little! Dude, I must have spent a gazillion hours with my eyes glued to the tube! Haha...see what happened to ME because of that?! Let that serve as a warning to y'all...don't watch tv; it's BAD!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Snow & Movies
Oh,'s so late. I should be sleeping right now, huh? I guess I'll just write a short blurb for now. today consisted totally of slacking off and doing nothing useful. It snowed again today! Wow, snow is sooo gorgeous. There's just something so breathtaking about the soft, scintillating snowflakes falling against the foggy purple sky. And it's so fun to romp in the freshly fallen snow! Dude, I have to make a snowman someday! Today was too cold to really frolic about. Yoo Na and I trudged all the way to downtown Amherst to buy second-rate, East Coast version of smoothies at a place called Bananarama (which is also Hannah's new nickname). Aren't we crazy?! Haha...afterwards, I went to the movie marathon at Campus Center and saw "The Fast and the Furious" and "Rush Hour 2." Augghhh..."F&F" was sooo bad and had such a terrible moral to the story!!! It was kinda scary, too. I kept screaming and hyperventilating during the suspenseful parts, especially the truck scene. *shudder* Man, some of the people in the audience were snickering at my agitation!!! >:( They must have been scared, too, so what's the deal with mocking me of all people?! Hahaha...I guess I'm geeky enough to merit being made into a fool. "Rush Hour 2" was pretty hilarious, albeit it had some questionable and inappropriate material. I wish movie-making could go back to the good ol' days, y'know? When most of the content was so wholesome and the whole family could watch it together without being ashamed...Like that's ever gonna happen!! Anyway, afterwards, Yoo Na, Adjuwa, and I played 3 rounds of pool, cutthroat style. It was a lot of fun, especially since yours truly was getting really rusty at the game. (Actually, I've never been a stellar player in the first place.) Oh's already 3 am, and I need to get up bright and early for church. Gotta go now! G'nite!

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Nineteen at Last!
YAYAYA!!!! I'm nineteen! Woo hoo! How cool is that?! For all you January birthday people out there (Ji Yoon, Howard, and Jane Ann), we're #1!!! To bad I had to spend most of my birthday with my "favorite" subject, Chemistry. After my tremendously long and dull Chem night class, I ate a gazillion calzones with Elinor and Yoo Na, and we talked until 4:30 am. So much for getting back into the school-study regimen. Man...I'm turning into such a perezosa (lazy bum)! Yuck, I shudder every time I look at my nails. Since I vowed to quit biting them so much, Yoo Na painted them dark peacock green, complimented with bright white stripes. Very subtle, isn't it? Yoo Na and Elinor are bent on giving me a "makeover," but I dunno if I can trust them...I might end up looking like the Wicked Witch from the West. hahaha...don't even THINK about saying that I already do! Anyway, I should seriously crack down on Chemistry...I have a major exam tomorrow. Oh! Guess what? I got appointed to be in the Massachusetts College Republicans Convention Committee! No need to scorn my political leanings! Well, Ttyl!

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

My Wild, Wild Weekend
Well, life here at Amherst during Interterm is way more difficult than I'd expected it to be. Dude, I have at least 7 hours of Chemistry a day! Arggg...I can't wait until second semester begins so I can put my Chem past behind me. hahaha...oh! I didn't do as badly on my report card as I thought I would. Whew! What a relief! : Anyway, things here would be pretty boring if I didn't have my buddies Yoo Na and Elinor around. We goof off everyday! I think my lameness is permeating on them...hahaha, too bad for them! Well, my weekend was pretty eventful. We spent all of Friday night talking, so we woke up late the next afternoon. On Saturday, Elinor, Yoo Na, Albert, and I went to the Hampshire Mall via the infamous PVTA bus to watch a movie. Well, all of them wanted to see "A Beautiful Mind," but I still remembered how Connie said it was a "dark" movie, so I naturally protested. Too bad I was outnumbered 3 to 1. They forced me (against my will) to buy a ticket for it. Arggggg. Anyway, we had 1 hour before the movie started, so we window-shopped around all the girly stores (to Albert's chagrin). While Elinor was picking out a bag, we saw Noel come. Evidently, Elinor had invited him, too, and he met us at the mall. Well, he said that all the movie tickets for that movie were sold out, so he had might as well go to Barnes & Noble by himself. Of course, I grabbed the opportunity to escape from watching that horrid-sounding movie, and I gave him my ticket. Hahaha...and people call me spineless! I practically forced the ticket into his hand, and I triumphed despite his protests. Soooo...while the four were off watching the movie, I wandered across the street into Wal-Mart and did some *ahem!* girly shopping. (Hannah, you know what I mean!) Afterward, I sat in a table near the movie theater and people-watched (which wasn't interesting at all). Suddenly, I saw them sprinting out of the theater, and Elinor yelled, "Hurry up! We're gonna miss the last bus! It leaves in 2 minutes!!!" Naturally (as all of you who know me would know), I started to hyperventilate and run like a madman. We made the bus, just in time...only to find out that it WASN'T THE LAST BUS! What retards!!! Anyway, it was funny to see our out-of-shape bodies waddling frantically to the bus stop. Anyway, while we were in the bus, Elinor and I started to notice that Yoo Na was getting really pale, and her breaths were getting labored and heavy. Dude, we were so scared! I think all that exertion and maybe something of a stomach flu had gotten to her. Immediately, we requested a bus stop in the middle of nowhere and hopped out of the bus. Albert and Noel must have thought we were nuts, since they had no idea what was going on. We told them to just go ahead without us, and that we'd explain later. So, we hobbled up to the nearest warm place, which was a Chinese restaurant. While I ordered a table for 3, Elinor went with Yoo Na to the bathroom so she could throw up or something. Evidently, since the women's room was full, Yoo Na went into the men's room, and some Chinese man started to yell at her. Elinor totally stood up to him and fended him off. Meanwhile, I ran out of the restaurant and sprinted to the nearest drug store to get some medicine for Yoo Na, only to find it closed!, I ran some more into a supermarket and bought some cramp pills. By the time I returned to the restaurant, Elinor had ordered some hot soup. We forced Yoo Na to gulp down as much hot water as she could. Fortunately, Yoo Na got a lot better. (She even ate a fortune cookie behind our backs!) the time we were finished, it was really late, like 11:00 pm. We thought we were sooo lucky to catch the last bus of the day. The bus was going all the way to Northampton and back (or so we thought). Of course, on the bus, we started talking about girly stuff and how hair defines your face and everything. Then, we were interrupted by this semi-grungy looking, bearded man, who said that we all had nice hair and we all looked attractive. AUGGHHH!!! CREEPY! He introduced himself and started a conversation (in a very slurred, slimy way), and we had no choice but to politely listen. I thought he was slightly retarded, but Yoo Na told me that he was probably "high" or under the influence. He said he was an "independent rap artist" and that he was hoping to strike it big some day. He then proceeded to brag about his thug-like heavy necklaces and pendants, and how expensive they were. THEN he rapped some of his rap songs, which were VERY BAD in everything, from grammar to language to quality to rhyme scheme!!! I was offended by the bad and profane words, Yoo Na was offended by the infantile rapping, and Elinor was offended by the song being bad in general. He was rapping so energetically that he missed his stop. Anyway, we were all so relieved when he got off, because we thought he would follow us home or something. *shudder* But, as you guys can foretell, things got even worse. The bus driver mentioned that the LAST STOP was coming up, and we would have to get off there. AUGGHH!!! We ended up in Smith College in Northampton of all places! Luckily, Elinor had her cell phone with her, so we started calling up all these random people. We were on the verge of calling up the Chemistry Professor!!! (Well, Prof. O'Hara's very motherly and understanding, but STILL!) We finally got a hold of the boyfriend of a girl in Elinor's EMT class, and Sally and Thanh (that's the girl and her boyfriend) agreed to pick us up. Dude, it was sooo cold while we were waiting 30 minutes for the ride! As y'all know, it's snowy and freezing back here in the East Coast. We all started to do really dorky antics, such as wildly dancing around, in order to keep ourselves warm. Anyway, they came and rescued us, to our immense relief. Yoo Na and I seem to have a knack for getting lost in far-away places...this was our third time getting stranded! But Sally and Thanh were totally cool about helping random underclassmen, and they didn't make us feel guilty at all. I'm sooo grateful for their kindness! Afterward, Elinor, Yoo Na, and I went to Noel's room, and we played Mario Party until 4 or 5 am. We talked for another hour or two, and then went to sleep. Of course, we all had to get up early for church, since I was gonna bring Elinor and Yoo Na to Amherst Korean Church. And, of course, we all got up late, late enough to miss the stupid PVTA bus. So we called the taxi and made it to church. We were so excited, since I teach the junior high bible studies, and we were anticipating a fun lesson with all 3 of us teaching. Too bad that didn't happen. Since most of the college students were gone for the break, the adult services were practically empty. So, to fill up the seats, the adults wanted the kids (who don't understand Korean) to sit in the adult service. That meant that Yoo Na and Elinor and I had to sit in on the adult, Korean-language service, too. BAD IDEA! Elinor was used to a more contemporary, English-speaking Church setting, so she was naturally bored during the sermon. And Yoo Na's not even a Christian, so she was kinda bored, too. So, they started goofing off, like making funny faces and doing sign language and stuff! DURING THE SERMON! The kids were bored, too, since they didn't understand the sermon, and when they saw Elinor and Yoo Na play around, they started to follow their lead. Uggghhhh...Anyway, we all walked 2 blocks afterward to this really ghetto Korean restaurant called Go-Hyang. (In fact, it's the only Korean restaurant in the whole area, so I guess it can thrive on being a third-rate place.) Dude, the food there was soooo expensive and not even that good! And they gave tinnnny portions! But since we haven't eaten Korean food in a while, all of us were pretty desperate. And then, we went out in the biting cold to wait for (guess what?) the PVTA bus. Only, the stinking bus was 25 minutes behind schedule and came really late. It was soooo cold that we started getting dorkier and dorkier. Hahaha...I should really tell y'all some of the lame jokes we came up with. They're sooo rainbowesque!!! When the bus came, we waved wildly like crazy clowns for the bus to stop. Hahaha...and by the time we boarded, we were so tired that all of us fell asleep at once. It was pretty minute, we were laughing hysterically like hyenas, and the next we were fast asleep like lambs. that was my pretty wild weekend!

Sunday, December 9, 2001

My Tragic Mall Story
Yesterday was a total bummer. A real whale of a day. Wow, I can't believe I actually lived through that overwhelming, strange was full of all kinds of emotions, including happiness, goofiness, sadness, humiliation, discomfort, everything! I also realized how bad of a person I am. In a way, I don't want to dwell on my sorrow and self-pity, so I guess I'll just unleash everything in this blog entry and get over it. Still, I learned some pretty insightful lessons about life. The day started off with a visit to Professor Pritchard. Yoo Na, Eddie, and I are struggling BIG TIME in that class, and we wanted to talk with the professor. We were so nervous and jittery! It's pretty intimidating to approach the professor when you have an ominous feeling that you're not gonna get good news. Eddie and I were watching a documentary about the boy band, Oh Town, and it was getting pretty interesting and funny, until Yoo Na had to drag us from the television set to visit Pritchard. All in all, we three didn't get much out of it--he wouldn't even tell us our grade in that class! *sigh* After the Visit, Yoo Na and I ran to the bus stop to go to the Holyoke Mall in Springfield. (Yes, the really big one far away. We took the PVTA public bus because we didn't want to burden people by asking them to drive us there. We wanted to do some Christmas shopping and take a break from studying.) After hopping on to Route 43, we got off at Northampton and waited for the arrival of the Route 48 Bus. What lame losers we are! The bus was parked right in front of us, but we didn't even notice it the whole time! At the bus stop, we were approached by a nice-looking elderly lady who suggested that we sit on the newspapers so we won't get too chilly. She started to have a conversation with us, which was okay until she asked us where we were from. Yoo Na and I responded that we were from Virginia and Southern California, respectively. She said that all the Oriental people she knew were from China or Japan, and she liked oriental food. This is sooo petty, but I couldn't help but get kinda annoyed. Was she insinuating that we were supposed to be from China or Japan? Anyway, she talked very proudly about her nieces who study at UMass, and I thought that was really sweet of her to love her family so much. But, as soon as we told her that we attended Amherst College and that we'd be going back home for winter break, she abruptly lectured us, saying that SOME people in this world (mainly, UMass people) couldn't afford to have the privilege to go home. Was she mad because she perceived us to be rich, spoiled, and ungrateful for our privileges? Dude, I am NOT rich, and without the generous financial aid I recieved, I wouldn't even be going to Amherst! Yoo Na got pretty angry, too, because she bluntly stated that Amherst College gave financial aid, too. The lady muttered something about how she wouldn't know, since Amherst is so prestigious and well-known...then the Route 43 bus came, and to our relief, the lady headed toward it. But she started motioning for us to follow her in, which we couldn't because it was the wrong bus. A minute or so went by, and the bus driver for Route 43 generously offered to drive us down the corner where the Route 48 bus was waiting. The lady had told him of our destination. That was really nice of her. Man, why am I griping about her? This is sooo petty. I mean, she's probably a bit ignorant about Asians and Amherst, so I shouldn't get mad, right? I mean, she was so nice as to have a conversation with us, but there was a patronizing aspect of her that was kind of grating. The ride on the Route 48 bus, however, was relatively peaceful and uneventful. When we got off to ride the Route 20 bus, we met a girl who was also going to the Holyoke Mall to visit her boyfriend, who worked there. She looked old and sophisticated, so we were shocked to find out that she was only a 10th grader in high school from Northampton. She was very friendly and chatty, and we talked with her throughout the ride to the Mall. Evidently, she's very innocent, immature, and insecure, but she's having to grow up pretty fast, maybe too fast. She boasted a lot about her boyfriend and how she was way prettier and skinnier than Brittany Spears, the pop superstar. She proceeded to educate us about Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, and N Sync--stuff about their dyed hair, liposuctions, plastic surgeries, and illegitimate children. She seemed to cling to us--and I wouldn't blame her. If I were alone in that scary Holyoke bus stop, I would find nice-looking people to talk to. (Although I'm not sure if we looked so nice.) I mean, the Route 20 bus was not the safest-looking place. To be blunt, some of the people riding on that bus looked downright scary. One scruffy, toothless, dazed middle aged man randomly waved at that girl! Augghhh...that's so creepy. We finally arrived at the Holyoke Mall, which was beckoning us to empty our wallets and splurge like there's no tomorrow. Of course, Yoo Na and I made a beeline for the food court, since we were famished. The strange thing is...that girl kept following us around, as if we were her new-found friends. That was slightly uncomfortable. I mean, she was a nice stranger and everything, but still...she was a stranger! At the food court, we met up with Elinor and Francis, who were just about finished with THEIR Christmas shopping. Afterwards, the girl invited us to play with her in the arcade, and Yoo Na said that I would never play those kind of games. I think she got the hint that we weren't going to hang out with her for the rest of the day, so she quietly left us. I felt kind of bad, but in a strange way, relieved that we were free. Dude, I'm so mean, aren't I? Afterwards, we proceeded with shopping, and boy, did we buy a lot of stuff! It was sooooo heavy. I was carrying two large and bulky bags, Santa Claus style, and I soon got tired out. I could feel my legs sinking, and I was sloooowly falling down, slow-motion, in front of Abercrombie and Fitch. Yoo Na told me that some guy in the Abercrombie store was blatantly staring at me sinking. Apparently, this guy was supposed to be really hot, but I didn't get a glimpse of him because I was too busy scrambling back up in a dorky fashion. So, I suggested that we enter Abercrombie just so we could get a good glimpse of this allegedly hot Asian guy. So, while we were pretending to look at the sweaters, we were really checking out that guy. Dude! He was so good-looking!! For a while, we were in a state of tranced drooling. Yeah, he was THAT cute--one of the hottest Asian guys I've ever seen. It was one of the higlights of the day, I think. A really shocking sight occured soon afterward. We were walking when suddenly... Yoo Na pointed out a strange-looking sight. There was a tall woman walking in front of us with a short man, and she had short, spiky blue hair, a denim miniskirt, scarlet fishnet stockings, and some major high heels. But...was she a he? This man/woman dressed femininely but was muscularly built and walked awkwardly like a man. Plus, his/her legs were masculine. Yoo Na and I were shocked...and curious as well. We decided to walk quickly ahead of them and sort of stop and turn around so as to ascertain whether he/she was a man or a woman. (Yes, that was brutally rude, but you'll see that we were punished for it almost immediately.) So we stopped, and to our great surprise, we were tapped by another random woman, who shall be called the Man-Woman Mocker. This woman, pointed to the person in question and said loudly, "What is THAT?!" in a snickering, know-it-all way. Yoo Na and I were speechless. I was even humiliated to be speaking with such a bluntly mean woman. That was sooo wrong of her to make fun of a stranger to other strangers. But I also felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I didn't actually SAY that, but I had FELT the same thing that the Man-Woman Mocker had expressed. What kind of an evil, black-hearted person am I? That woman exemplified what was cruel and unkind. And I was just as bad as she. Come to think of it, I was worse, since I was hypocritical also. Not only did I kind of mock the lady or man in question, I also kind of disdained the elderly woman at the bus and the sophomore girl who followed us. That made me feel bad for being bad. But things got even worse. Exhausted, Yoo Na and I trudged on to the Customer Service Center to find the Peter Pan bus schedule. (There was NO WAY we were going to go by the PVTA, especially the scary Route 20. It was night, it seemed unsafe for girls to be going on the buses alone.) Lucky for us, we found out that the last Peter Pan bus had departed 10 minutes, earlier, at 7:25! What could we do? We were stranded, miles and miles away from school. So, we did the only thing that we COULD do--we called Dan, a Korean junior who had a car. He wasn't there, so we called his buddy, Shawn, to ask where Dan was. We found out that Dan was in the computer center, so we called there, even though we weren't supposed to make personal calls there or something. We felt soooo bad about disturbing him from his studies and asking him to come and pick us up. I mean, I didn't even know him that well, and I felt like such a pesky parasite or something! But we had no choice. Well, things just started getting worse and worse. Dan couldn't pick us up because he was really busy. He suggested that we call Shawn and ask him to pick us up in Dan's car. So we called up Shawn (The Butt Master), but HE was busy too! Sam came into his room then, so Yoo Na, who was talking on the phone, had to ask him to drive us. Unfortunately, Sam (Mr. Dog Song) was busy and couldn't come, either. We were getting sooo scared and frustrated...I don't know, panicked. By this point, Yoo Na was groveling, practically begging upperclassmen people to pick us up. And I've never, ever, seen Yoo Na humble herself and beg like that. Yeah, we were that desperate. We then called Andy, and he agreed to pick us up if Dan would give him permission to drive his car, since he wasn't a good driver or something. I felt such a flood of relief and happiness and gratitude toward Andy. That was so nice of him to offer to pick us up! Well, we called Dan at the computer center again, and he assured us that SOMEONE will come pick us up in 45 minutes. By that time, Yoo Na and I were ultimately depressed...we had never been so humiliated in our entire lives before. I can't believe that we had to go around, stooping so low and begging like that. I also felt soooo bad and ashamed and stupid...this was all my fault! If I'd only kept track of the time and scheduled our return trip...We were so sad that we both bought double scoop ice cream cones at Friendly's. There's nothing like sweet, fattening comfort food in the time of need. We slowly walked outside, only to see that it had started snowing! That was the first time that I ever saw snow falling in my life. It was so beautiful! I loved the soft, breezy feel of the snowflakes falling down. It kind of made me feel better...until Dan showed up to take us back home. All that remorse just came flooding back, and I felt so humbled and idiotic and terrible for making him come all the way down to the Mall. And he was so nice about it, too, which made me feel even worse. After we arrived in school, I went straight to Yoo Na's dorm room in Appleton, where we totally vented out our frustration. I was in such a rotten mood, and Jia Jia came in visiting right at that moment. What bad timing! I made it known that I was clearly not in the cheeriest mood, and he got the hint and left. Yoo Na and I then decided to go to the computer center to type up our tragic story in our Planworld (an Amherst-only version of a blog) so we could vent and release our stress. While we were furiously typing away...Adrienne and Joyce arrived, covered with snow and laughing like crazy. Yoo Na and I continued to type when...BAM! I felt something hard hitting my back. It was a snowball! In the computer center! Hahaha...they totally caught me unprepared. Good one, Adrienne and Joyce. Not only did it hit me, but it also splashed a little on the computer, but that was ok. All four of us then decided to go to the game room in the campus center. On the way there, I sought revenge for the snowballs by throwing 2 big ones at Adrienne and Joyce. Snowball fight! hahaha....Yoo Na was totally avoiding us so she wouldn't get hit with snow. It was so fun and stress-relieving, though. Snow's pretty cool--actually, it's sooo freezing cold! I thought my unmittened fingers would get frostbitten or something. Anyway, in the game room, Joyce and I teamed up against the gurus, Adrienne and Yoo Na, in a game of foosball. Of course, since I am such a terrible foosball player, I have developed a highly dorky strategy for preventing the other team from scoring. Well, it didn't work, since Adrienne and Yoo Na totally beat us. Soon, Sam and Shawn came and started playing foosball with Yoo Na and Adrienne. Meanwhile, I played some pool with Isaiah. much for not playing pool until finals are over. Well, I'm REALLY tired now, and especially after typing up this gargantuan entry. If you guys wanna talk to me, just email me or something! I must study now. Ok, then laters!

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Serious Stuff
Yay! Hannah finally taught me how to do those smiley faces on the computer! : Hahaha, I think she regrets it now, because I went on a smiley face rampage afterwards. Haha, Hannah, that's what you get for being friends with a rainbowesque dweeb. Well, I'm taking a break from studying for the ominous finals. It's so hard to concentrate whenever I think about going back home! I've been doing consecutive all-nighters lately, but for all the wrong reasons! I SHOULD be hitting the books and focusing on Chemistry, but I always end up having those deep, heart-to-heart conversations with my friends about God, life, friends, school, etc. Time flies by so fast when you're talking and empathizing over serious stuff! I mean, a few days ago, Elinor and I were talking until 3:30 a.m. about Christianity and our differences and similarities in outlook. And last night, Yoo Na and I (after watching a scandalous movie, "Risky Business" and eating delicious Cajun teriyaki chicken wings) talked until 6 a.m. about relationships and guys and stuff. In one sense, this is way foolish because I should be studying! Especially since finals are near! But then again, these conversations are so valuable and help bring about tighter friendships. Augghhh...the perils of college life! So much time management and balancing of academic and social life...pretty traumatizing for a procrastinator like yours truly. Even though I've made some pretty good friends here at Amherst, I still miss my buddies from Cerritos...I can't wait to see you guys again! Man, I can't believe I'm still so homesick. Still, I think I'm starting to adjust here...things aren't as bad as I originally thought they'd be. Yeah, it's so hard to be a devout Christian here, and it seems like all these flaming liberals are out to exterminate the conservative establishment. But things aren't so hopeless, after all. Once you get past their privileged, superficial exteriors and air of superiority, you find genuine people with the same feelings and insecurities and love for learning. Although I still struggle in Chemistry (BIG TIME!), I'm gaining more confidence in English and Frosh Seminar, and I think I'm now in good (or at least, okay) terms with the formidable Professor Pritchard. Maybe things aren't perfect, but there's something so... tight-knit and real and about Amherst that merits fierce loyalty and pride. I'm kind of glad after all that I came has opened my eyes to the real world and, because of such adversity and testing of my will, made me a stronger person. I think that for me, if I'd stayed in the West Coast, I would have been sheltered and babied throughout college. I would have been too snuggly fit into the comfort zone. I really hope I continue to grow in a positive light and not conform to the world. Hahaha...who am I kidding? Have I really changed all that much since the 4 months I've been here? I dunno...maybe I have, or maybe I haven't. Well, enough serious reflecting right now. I've got to study! I have a Calculus test tomorrow. Wish me luck, y'all!

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Banana-Fannah Hannah is a Dork (hahaha, jk!)
Finals are looming over, mocking me in that scary Darth Vadar-like voice, "'re gonna fail this semester...see where all your goofing off has led you? To doooom!" augghhhh...I'm ok, I'm ok (to be quoting Jessica Lee). There are all these posters up on campus warning us about the dangers of Red Bull and how we should drink H2O instead. Hahaha...I knew there was something suspicious about that drink! I can't believe that I'm gonna go home in 2.5 weeks! yay! I hope y'all are gonna go to the AP Follies on Thursday Dec. 20 so I can see you there. It'll be sooo fun! I wonder how everyone changed...y'all will be oozing with sophistication and intellect, whereas I will proudly and klutzily (?) display my dweebosity (dweebishness?). Hahaha...Anyway...Saturday night, we had a girl's night out and watched 3 chick flicks in a row. Yep, me, Yoo Na, Elinor, Joyce, Adrienne, Eugenia, Justine stayed in the North Dorm Library until 4 am. We watched "Bridget Jones' Diary," "Someone Like You," and "Legally Blonde." BJD was sooooo funny, although it was vulgar at times. I'm so glad the heroine was plump and majorly dorky. It was so funny! Even though it was a total "Pride and Prejudice" rip-off. Colin Firth (aka Mark Darcy) was sooooo cute! I didn't like the plot of Someone like you because it was soo pointless. But we were all squealing anyway because the guy was so handsome. Legally Blonde...I totally remember watching it in the summer with Connie. Hahahaha....funny! I think my intelligence level has dropped to -15 after watching all these silly, unreal, but totally feel-good and heartwarming movies. It makes you want a boyfriend. hahaha. Oh! Did I mention that Hannah Chung is a big DORK?!?!? Hahaha...just kidding, hans! Well, she refuses to teach me how to make those smiley faces on the computer...hey, Hannah, how's your knitting going? I totally miss knitting and purling...but I am gonna keep my vow of refraining from any obsessive activities, including pool and knitting, until AFTER finals are over. That's such a long time awaaaaaay! Well, I guess I'll be satisfied with talking to some of you online once in a while. (Although I rarely even sign on...hhahaha). Well, I guess Hannah's impatient to see what I wrote about her, so I'll end here. Buh-bye! Oh! Let me RE-EMPHASIZE Hannah's rainbowesque-ness! Hannah, you're a cool dweeb! Hahaha, jk! Don't worry, man! I'm more geeky, so it's ok!

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Reflections on My Foolishness
It's Wednesday already! I can't believe it's been five days since I came to Amherst from home. I feel so...blah, you know? I spent last night doing a panicked all-nighter for a Chemistry assignment, but I'm soooo glad that I finally understand VSPER and stuff! My friend Yoo Na and I studied, like, 9 hours straight in my dorm library! Of course, our focused studies were periodically interrupted by nonsensical jokes and a yummy ramen break. But alas, I must face the consequences of my sleepless study period, and I found myself dozing off in...English! Nooooo! So much for proving to Prof. Pritchard that I'm not an intellectual dumbbell! We only have 3 more weeks left in the semester...I guess it's too late to "redeem" myself. Man, I have to get with the program! No more knitting, pool-playing, and goofing off for me (at least, not until finals are over)! From now on, I'm gonna be Janette the Nerd and not Janette the Dork!! ( it possible for me to shed my dorkiness?) Speaking of muscles are sooo sore! Two days ago, I went to the College Gym to work out. No heavy-impact weight-lifting and mile-running for me--I'm not even close to being an energetic, pumped up Rocky Balboa who can run flights of stairs in a jiffy. So much for my high school band camp days of long ago... I just did a few situps, granny jogs, and treadmill stuff. What a loser am I! For I forgot to do warmup stretches before exercising. Yup, limbs are stiff and my muscles are aching, and as a result, I move around like some retarded robot. Well, I guess it's time for me to quit slacking off and start some work! Hasta luego!

Sunday, November 4, 2001

Work, Home, and the Frosh Fifteen
Wow, I haven't written for a looooong time! Amherst classes are SO hard! It's getting so crazy~! My stupid chemistry lab and lab writeup took me 6 hours on friday, math took 4 hours, and frosh seminar took 8 hours! It's such a vicious cycle...I put off my work in order to finish my other work, and it just keeps piling up... Whenever I find free time (which is a rare occasion), I usually sleep. (Man, my pillow and blanket look soooo comfortably inviting right now, but I shouldn't succumb to sleep. I hafta study!) So much for pool or knitting. (Don't worry, Hannah, I'll finish it some time.) I can't wait until Thanksgiving Break in 2 weeks when I'll finally come hoooome!!!! (Meanwhile, I have to study for 3 major tests...arg!) I want boba, soondooboo, real rice, In and Out cheeseburger, smoothie, Vietnamese noodles, and a bunch of other California food. (Dude, what am I thinking about? I should be watching out for the Freshman Fifteen, although I sadly think I have already gained all those pounds and more.) haha...the food here is getting so nasty that I guess I'm gaining all my weight from the junk food I eat instead. Anyway, I'd better get back to my Chemistry homework. (Seriously, I'm NEVER gonna take science and math again, ever! What was I even thinking when I enrolled in these classes? What an idiot am I! For all you naive people contemplating taking Chemistry, DO NOT TAKE IT!!! It's a nightmare class!) Okey dokey, then, gotta go!

Monday, October 22, 2001

I just survived an all-nighter...arggg...I felt sooo groggy and gross after studying for my stupid Chemistry and Hamlet. The embarassing thing is, during Chem lab today, I was totally dozing off! It was sooo bad. I was doing major head jerks (plus, my mouth was gaping wide open in a stupefied fashion)...couldn't help it! Plus, everyone saw me and made fun of me afterwards. Nooooooooo! My reputation is ruined! ( I ever had one...besides, who cares about my reputation? People are going know sooner or later about my strange mannerisms and embarassingly hyperactive behavior.) :o Oh! and yesterday, while I was doing Hamlet stuff, I had a majorly disturbing experience...augghh!!! It's too nasty (in my standards) to even write it here, so if you're really curious, just e-mail me about it or something. *shudder* (sorry, but I HAVE to vent...otherwise, it's gonna be imprinted in my mind forever! And while I saw the experience as gross, my friends apparently found it hilarious.) Hmmm...what else have I got to say? Oh~! Hannah, I think your scarf (the one that I'm knitting) is becoming sort of deformed...that's ok, right? I didn't notice how wide it was until it was too late...I think it's a quasi-shawl or something. Seriously, y'all should learn knitting. It's such a relaxing and stress-free experience! Too bad that I'm obsessed now. I'm the knitting nerd of my dorm. funnie. Also, there's a semi-formal this weekend (or is it the next?), and the Nunnery (that's my hall--the only all-female floor on campus--"Get thee to a nunnery!" augghhh!! too much Hamlet) wants to hook up with the Monastery (the all-male floor). My reaction was, "Yeah, right!" I'm not going to some dumb dance! I remember what Prom was like last year! (frivolous and borrrring...) Besides, the guys there at the Monastery are kind of yucky. Hmmm...I wonder how much I'm actually going to change before I come back home during Thanksgiving break...I hope not for the worse! I don't want to become a bad or immoral person! But then again, I DID start playing pool, and that's kind of a "bad" game...

Thursday, October 18, 2001

More Hamlet & Patriotism
Guess what? My Hamlet essay was a failure after all. Professor Pritchard said that while I had a firm grasp on the analytical aspect of interpretation, I had to also understand the "poetic" aspect of Hamlet's "tongue" in order to be a true critic. Awww, man! I'll never get this right! No matter how hard I try, I mess up! This is sooo frustrating. Anyway, this afternoon, a small bipartisan group held an assembly for patriotism by the campus center. Dude, I can't believe some students here can be sooo rude! They were openly and ignorantly mocking the group, labeling them a bunch of "crazy Republicans". They also talked about "burning them all". Well, it just so happened that the chief organizer of the rally is a staunch Democrat! Talk about ignorant! I got really mad. The pacifists demand on having their voices heard, but they won't let others speak their minds! What kind of "liberal" environment is this?! Personally, I think that war is necessary to stop the terrorism and get rid of the oppressive Taliban government. A country of such a great strength and power as the US will quickly crumble if it does not even defend itself. The people who oppose war against the Taliban regime is basically supporting status quo, which is the continuation of atrocious human rights abuses against innocent Afghani civilians and support for Osama bin Laden. And why are people on campus really opposing the war? Is it because they are more "compassionate" and knowledgeable than other Americans (which is an arrogant assumption), or is it for some other reason, e.g. hatred of President Bush or some desperate, wannabe need to pick up a cause (like the hippies did for Vietnam)? Sometimes, I think that people of this generation are so spoiled. I mean, every day we reap the benefits of such a prosperous and free country and yet are unwilling to defend it or let people from oppressed regimes experience them. That sounds awfully self-absorbed, not philanthropic, to me. Going to war is the lesser of the two evils. (Yeah, I know that some of you guys are getting pretty infuriated by what I'm saying, but this is what I really feel.) OK, I've ranted on long enough. Time to get back to my studies! (Yay, how fun!) o_O

Monday, October 15, 2001

Politics & Hamlet
Wow! I just came back from a political science lecture entitled "Security Challenges in 2010" by journalist Robert Kaplan. It was phenomenal! It was one of the most intellectually stimulating and interesting lectures I've heard at Amherst College so far (which is saying a great deal, since the classes here are academically top-notch). He discussed many potential conflicts in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia. (Yeah, yeah, I know y'all are thinking that I'm a big political junkie loser, which is probably true.) 75% of the audience was comprised of the professors themselves! Dude, I am totally going to read some of Kaplan's books! He's, like, the Thomas Friedman of international politics. Anyway...this morning, I actually ditched my calculus and chemistry lectures because I found out last minute about an essay we had to write in English about Hamlet's first soliloquy. I'm majorly struggling in that class (auggghhh! I'm praying that my grade isn't a C), so I wanted to make it really good. Arg! I'm becoming such a bad student! Hey! I should be studying right now! What am I doing, sitting foolishly in front of my computer, typing this nonsensical entry?! I should be getting back to work!!! OK, then, I'll ttyl!

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Fall Foliage
I just got back from my refreshing walk along Amherst College and subsequent dinner. Wow, the leaves are spectacular! Such shades of crimson I've never seen! (Of course, Jessica would prefer the orange-tinted leaves.) I took so many pictures, although all the East Coast people were bored out of their minds. To them, the falling of the leaves is annoying because of all the raking that's required. Well, I know that I haven't been keeping in touch with many people lately, so I guess this is my way of communicating with all my Cerritos buddies. Sadly, I think I've changed since I've been in college, and for the worse (well...maybe not as badly as Connie changed...haha, jk!). In addition to my knitting, I've also learned the game of pool. Augghhh! yeah, I's an evil motorcycle gangsta game. Hey! I'll play pool with you guys when I come back Thanksgiving break...I really should be studying now, but I guess I'm still stuck in the old senioritis mode. (augghhh!! I can't believe how much time I waste in the game room playing pool!) Fortunately, I haven't taken up all the other bad things that Amherst people do. Dude! I can't believe they can be so studious and partying simulataneously! Everyone's out to TAP (The Amherst Party--pretty lame, huh?) right now, and here I am, cooped up in my room. I'm the biggest loser and prude on campus, but oh well. It's fun being different, I guess. :P Yesterday, I attended some foolish spectacle called the Marsh Coffee House at the Marsh House, which is the art dorm. Every friday, they have coffee and student performers (music, etc.). Dude! The music was terrible! Just as bad and loud as Mr. Varieur's rock band stuff! (no offense to him, though) I think the people there were making fun of me, though, because I brought my knitting with me and concentrated on making that stupid scarf instead of listening and dancing primitively to the loud "music" being made. Man! I don't think I'm ever gonna fit in! But is it worth it if I have to change like that? Because there is NO WAY that I'm gonna become an alcohol-drinking, party-going, weak religioned, "politically correct," liberal, Democratic social butterfly!!! NEVER!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Hi, you guys! (well, only connie for now!) This is the jalapeno-esque Janette! Yeah, I know that I have no life for wasting my saturday afternoon in this manner, but oh well! There's nothing really fun or wholesome to do here in pokey old Amherst. Actually, I went to a Hillel Shabbat dinner yesterday. (That's some kind of weekly Jewish ceremony commemorating the Sabbath or something.) It was very...different. Interesting how they interpret the Bible, especially Genesis. Well, the catered food there was great, though. A refreshing change after the blandness of cafeteria food at Valentine Dining Hall...Oh! I was sooo bad last night. I slept really late because I spent the whole night...KNITTING!!!! noooo! I'm getting obsessed! I can't stop! Well, but I promised Hannah Banana that I'll knit her something. I guess I can't escape that now!